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Being an idealist isn't a weakness.

Allison Cameron.

Allison Cameron
16 January
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Dr. Allison Cameron is known for her honesty, sincerity, idealism and possesses a strong moral and ethical center. She is hyperopic and an atheist. Markedly flawed, she has complex relationships with her colleagues; not least of all with House. Part mentor, antagonist and romantic interest, their dynamic has been likened to that of Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester's.

Cameron is occasionally hesitant and unwilling to perform House's bidding when she is required to deceive their patients and has gone to head-to-head with him before several times on the issue. She has also shown extreme reluctance to deliver bad news to patients or their families. Despite this, she has been effective in gaining patients' trust and approval of diagnostic procedures when the need arises, in contrast to House's strong-arm methods.

The character underwent a growth in development when she proved to be far more assertive in her beliefs and actions in season three showing that she was not above employing tactics used by House in order to get the job done. However, her consistently good intentions did not change and her loyalty to her boss was proved unquestionable as evidenced by his legal troubles. Her allegiance came to an abrupt end, however, when she surprisingly resigned in the season three finale.

Cameron, now working in the ER of Princeton, is still with Chase, who works in surgery.

This is a character journal for Allison Cameron from House, used primarily at Fandom Muses & Theatrical Muse & Eclectic Muses. She doesn't belong to me. The info on this page is brought to you by Wikipedia. So, don't sue. Kthx! If you'd like to play with my Cameron? That would be amazing! I'm a Chase/Cam & House/Cam shipper, though I rather fancy the idea of Wilson/Cam.